case study – Virtual Conference

Online Event 2021 / 06 April – 09 April

An indepth case study about a fully virtual awards ceremony

We recently held a fully Virtual Awards Ceremony for a client we’ve worked with for many years. This year they asked us to translate their awards show to the virtual world. So, how did we do this? Let us show you!


Our client opted for the virtual event to be pre-recorded, this meant most of the work was in the preproduction stage enabling us to have more control over the running of the event. For instance, there wouldn’t be an issue with problematic internet connections, or issues with speakers leaving themselves on mute which is often the case during live virtual events!

To start, our video editor got to work reviewing and editing the pre-recorded footage. His biggest task was to format the videos to the correct ratios since some were filmed via presenter’s phone in portrait mode. This required him to blur and stretch the background to make it blend into a 16:3 format so they matched the over videos.

The Studio Recording

The main presenter was recorded in our own virtual event studio. Here we were able to take advantage of our 80” Screen which took centre stage. Our LED backlighting  was set to the company colours, the studio lighting package was set up to highlight the presenter for the camera shot, and our large 48” monitor was used for the auto cue. To enhance the sound quality, we used our professional sound system in place with the presenter’s lapel mic and an output from the desk directly into the camera system.

When the main presenter arrived on site we gave a quick brief on the set up and ran through some test shots to check the white balance and sound were correct. Our camera operator made use of our 4K video camera.

He knew exactly how to get the best footage using the right angles and was able directed the presenter throughout the recording.

During the final part of the recording we incorporated our moving light system to create some dynamic lighting for their company dance off. This was added along with videos of fellow presenters and nominees to create a dance video along with a live band recording which was a great way to end the event.

The creation of the final video

For the final video, we created a custom picture in picture design for the presenter view and the presenter with awards PowerPoint view. We incorporated royalty free music for our awards ‘stings’. This was especially important as we were streaming to YouTube which has particularly strong algorithms for detecting unlicensed music. We wanted to be sure there was no risk to the stream being ended prematurely on the platform because of a copyright infringement.  The final video was then presented to the client for any further additions or adjustments prior to the event before being given the sign off.

We provided a solution to boost attendee engagement, by providing a live Q+A aspect to the event page. Attendees can use this widget to ask questions, answer polls or even vote for award winners! As this solution can be fully moderated, we coached the panel lead on how to filter the questions so only suitable ones could be put forward. We also checked on the continuity of the event by ensuring that the presenters would be in the same location and that they were wearing the same outfits as they did on their pre-recordings.

Alternative Design

A further example of another virtual award we’ve been involved with:

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