case study – Virtual Conference

Online Event 2021 / 06 April – 09 April

An indepth case study about a fully virtual live event

We recently delivered a fully virtual event for YOPA estate agents, within our custom built and specially designed online event environment. The event consisted of a mixture of live and pre-recorded segments, including remotely controlled presentations, Q&A session and employee awards. Most importantly, all presenters and attendees were based remotely, keeping everyone COVID safe.

Remote Speaker Pre-records and Edits

Bringing in presenters remotely from around the UK presents a unique set of challenges, all of which we aim to address with our speaker support sessions.

At the start of each recording session we briefed the presenters and tested; their audio quality, the positioning of their cameras, their internet connection, as well as coaching them on their general presentation skills, making sure they were as comfortable as possible with the set up. We aim to take all the technical stress from the situation, leaving your presenters to concentrate on the best delivery possible!

For the recordings themselves, we used our specialist streaming software and server, where we were able to capture our presenters’ video and audio. We then had their presentations set up on a separate show computer, with our remote slide advancer software, enabling the presenters to advance their slides using their smart-phone or other device, whilst removing the processing load and network traffic on their computer.

Never ones to leave anything to chance, we actually simultaneously recorded three outputs from the remote presenter, leaving us flexibility to piece together any post-recording edits required. We recorded:

1. The “final” main output including both the presenter and the slides.
2. Recording of just the presenter
3. Recording just the PowerPoint as it was being ‘clicked through’

We then presented each of the recordings to the client for a final sign off before editing them together into a final conference video, including the countdown timer and promotional footage provided by the client.

There was also a separate video we made to finish the event consisting of a small awards ceremony. For this we added individual music ‘stings’ for each of the winners announcements and also recorded the 2 presenters simultaneously during the same session for the awards.

Interactivity and Engagement in the Virtual Event

We provided a solution to boost attendee engagement, by providing a live Q+A aspect to the event page. Attendees can use this widget to ask questions, answer polls or even vote for award winners! As this solution can be fully moderated, we coached the panel lead on how to filter the questions so only suitable ones could be put forward. We also checked on the continuity of the event by ensuring that the presenters would be in the same location and that they were wearing the same outfits as they did on their pre-recordings

How was the event presented to the audience?

For the Live Stream of the event we created a customised microsite where participants could register to take part. On the day of the event they were then able to log onto the website where they were met with a branded landing page, complete with the agenda and speaker information.

They then had access to a customised live stream page where we integrated not only the live stream itself but also the interactive widget for Q+A.

As we hosted the event site and the streaming platform we were able to share which of their employees had registered for the event and also provide analytics such as how many unique views the live stream had and the average watch percentage.

The event conclusion

Following on from the event, we have provided each of the individual presentation videos to the client along with the Q&A which we had recorded live on the day, for them to use for future training purposes. We have also previously, chaptered events per session from the final recordings, which is something we are happy to arrange and edit for you if required.

This is just one of the many examples of ways that we can produce your fully virtual event for you. Please get in touch and we can tailor your future virtual events for you!

Alternative Design

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